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Acharin is the founder of Nisala Foundation's Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies which is a well known meditation venue in Sri Lanka. Nisala caters to people from all over the world in their search for inner peace and happiness through a set of simple yet profound and practicable teachings.

Acharin’s  teachings will allow the practitioner to get in touch with their inner awareness that is beyond the mind-chatter, effortlessly in the present moment, and at peace, in a relatively short period of time. Finding this  effortless awareness is a breakthrough in anyone's life, and will form the  basis of the path of self realisation and happiness. Realisation of this natural state will immediately put the practitioner in a state of relaxed awareness, and a state of ‘flow’. This will help in dealing with pain, both physical and psychological, eliminate stress, and bestow a level of self-knowledge and awareness that is beyond mere conceptualisation or thinking.

In his online teaching sessions,  Acharin will primarily guide the participant using nada, a sound based method of induction, as well as using Shakti, the energy counterpart of the state of Unity within each individual. In addition there will be exercises of deep relaxation and energetic clarification that will add further value and depth to the experience gained.

Benefits Gained through the Online Sessions

The participants of Acharin's online teachings are able to in a short span of time (typicall 1.5 hours) will be able to: 

  • Let go of the build up of stress during the week through breath, body-mind relaxation, and chakra purification meditations

  • Enter into a calm and uncluttered space through experiencing the formless, effortless Awareness (Emptiness)

  • Be grounded and relaxed

  • Learn to re-enter into the state of formless, effortless Awareness in day to day life

  • Achieve a deep level of energetic purification

  • Learn to enter into a 'thoughtless' state of Awareness (Silent Mind)

  • Have questioned answered during the Q&A sessions

  • And much more…


Acharin's Online Teachings - Every Saturday & Sunday

4.30pm - 6.00 pm Colombo Time (IST)

Time Zones :  Colombo & Delhi - 16.30-18.00  |  Melbourne & Sydney - 21.00-22.30 | London - 12.00 noon-13.30  | Beijing - 19.00-20.30 | Berlin - 12.00-13.30 | Toronto - 7.00-8.30 | New York  - 7.00-8.30


"Happiness is a state of effortless being...which is naturally there underneath the thinking process" - Acharin

What Participants Say...

Most capable meditation teacher I have seen so far. Able to point to the state of stillness by the end of two hour webinar and at Goenka retreat it takes up to five days - 
A. Moskvitin, Australia

This is the best online meditation webinar that I came across. The teacher "Acharin" is very special and takes you to that present moment during the session. Ver effective and the progression is very rapid. - 
P. Wasage. UK

I have been Acharin’s students from more than 10 years. He has changed my life with his guidance and meditation. I highly recommend his teaching and meditation. - 
 J. Fernando, UK

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